Algorand Name Service
Decentralized and Community-driven Name Service on Algorand
The Algorand Name Service (ANS) is a decentralized & community-driven name service for naming network resources on the Algorand crypto platform. ANS launched on mainnet on Feb 25, 2022, providing infrastructure to name an Algorand wallet address with the .algo domain suffix. Users can also build their .algo profile by linking social media handles and avatars to their .algo names.


The Algorand Name Service v1.0 registry launched on mainnet supports the following set of features:
  • .algo domain name registration and renewal for wallet addresses
  • linking social media profiles and avatars to .algo names
  • Reverse lookup to find out the name of a wallet address
  • Transfer ownership of names
Name pricing
Names on ANS are priced according to their length as follows:
  • 5 ALGO/yr for 5 or more characters name
  • 50 ALGO/yr for 4 characters name
  • 150 ALGO/yr for 3 characters name
Note: Users can purchase a name for as short as one year or as long as 100 yrs at once. Names can be renewed or transferred at any point with no minimum period limitations.

Getting Started

Head over to to grab a .algo domain name for your wallet address.
Algorand Name Service v1.0 : Brief website walk through
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